Asian Art Museum of San Francisco: Collection Highlights

Catalogue of collection highlights for the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

From the foreword by director Jay Xu:
This volume provides a broad survey of the breadth and depth of our collection, yet it cannot be comprehensive. Our museum—with more than 18,000 artworks dating from 6,000 years ago to today—is vastly richer than what is represented on these pages.
In recognition of the variety of readings that art enables, we have engaged diverse voices to express their unique perspectives on works in our collection. These include our own curators as well as artists, educators, collectors, and others who share our dedication to art. These writings inform us with well-researched critiques and knowledgeable insights. They also serve as invitations to readers to come up with their own interpretations. Collection Highlights is thus an entry point for readers’ explorations.
The organization of Collection Highlights follows a journey roughly from west to east—from the Persian World and West Asia to South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas and the Tibetan Buddhist World, China, Korea, and Japan. Each chapter is organized chronologically, offering the reader a glimpse into the aesthetic, technical, and cultural accomplishments of each place.

336 pages
6.5 x 9.5 inches