Debra Bloomfield: Wilderness

photographer’s monograph designed for
Debra Bloomfield / University of New Mexico Press

Essays by Lauren E. Oakes, Rebecca A. Senf, and Terry Tempest Williams

From Rebecca Senf’s essay, “The Place is Wilderness”:
In the five-year period beginning in 2007, Debra Bloomfield undertook her third photographic landscape project: Wilderness. The photographs she created do not physically describe what one particular wilderness place looks like—they are not intended to. She does not catalogue the elements that, when added together, make a wilderness. She does not worry about showing each detail she observed or conveying all the information she learned while she was there. Instead, she tells us what wilderness means. What it feels like to be there. What we need to understand about the place in order to care about it, appreciate it, value its existence, and be concerned about its future. Her photographs convey the experience of wilderness.

Editor: John W. Byran
Sound producer: Jake Bloomfield-Misrach
Production manager: Stefanie Loveday
Cartographer: Jake Coolidge

128 pages
10.75 x 12.5 inches