Eric Peterson: small pieces of los angeles briefly illuminated

photography monograph for Eric Peterson

About Eric Peterson
I have worked most of my professional life in the movies, first as a camera assistant, then as a digital artist for visual effects. That experience has left me with an instinct toward a narrative in my photos. Not always as a straightforward story, but at least as a structure to organize pieces of an image to work together. As a photographer, I am struck by the contradictions presented in the world—the pieces of everyday that approach but don't quite achieve abstraction. It is that teetering balance I pursue in my work. I still shoot film, and while keeping my traditional B&W darkroom intact, have begun to print most of my images digitally for both B&W and color. The range of beautiful papers available make me swoon, and the control possible is a powerful argument over the traditional darkroom print. I keep taking pictures around my home in Los Angeles, and am quite consumed on a book collecting my photos of Los Angeles through the years I have lived here.

156 pages
9 x 12 inches