B-Sides Box Set: Todd Hido Homing In

Editions Editions / Todd Hido

A set of 50 cards housed in an acrylic box produced in an edition of 2000.
An edition of 100 posters was produced by overprinting text on uncut press sheets.

Todd’s statement:
All photographers have a secret stash of photographs that float on the margins of published existence. Photographs that never quite fit into our current projects or the narrative of our latest book or show, but that are too good to be left unused. They persist: we pull them out, year after year, we recognize them as great images that should be shared, but they somehow frustratingly defy our years of shuffling into categorization or conventional use. This box set is those photographs, finally liberated from that file labeled Orphans & Misfits.

2.5 x 3.5 inches
50 cards in an acrylic box

24 x 36 inches