Jeffrey Gibson: Like A Hammer

Exhibition catalogue for the Denver Art Museum and DelMonico Books / Prestel

Edited by John P. Lukavic

Essays by Glenn Adamson, Roy Boney Jr., Anne Ellegood, John P. Lukavic, America Meredith, Jen Mergel, and Sara Raza

From the cover:
Jeffrey Gibson: Like a Hammer is the first major traveling exhibition and catalog devoted to the art of Jeffrey Gibson, who is of Mississippi Choctaw and Cherokee heritage. This mid-career survey focuses on work made since 2011, a pivotal and productive time when he fully developed his own visual language. Widely recognized as a unique and influential voice in both the contemporary art world and the Native American art world, Gibson blends aesthetics to create bold works that speak to both Native and non-Native audiences.

144 pages
9 x 11 inches