Jonas Burgert: Enigmatic Narrative

Exhibition catalogue for Denver Art Museum, MCA Denver, Victoria H. Myhren Gallery, and the Logan Collection Vail

This catalogue includes work shown at three different locations in Denver that documents an extended residency project by the artist.

From the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery website:
German painter Jonas Burgert is known for a complex and mysterious narrative—even epic—style of painting. According to Burgert, his work addresses “the meditative chaos of nature and the interrelated elements of human cultures…. One needs spiritual copies of oneself in order to have a dialogue between one’s inner characters.” Denver Art Museum curator Christoph Heinrich describes the spaces in Burgert’s paintings as “theatre stages…He is not looking for a window onto the real world; he creates a world of his own, where figures are staged within metaphoric parables. They are never meant to be individual human beings, but allegories for the human existence. In paintings like Temple, now on display at DAM, Burgert creates a conundrum that deals with human characteristics and qualities.”

80 pages
7.75 x 9 inches