Jeanne Finley: Journeys Beyond the Cosmodrome

Book documenting Jeanne Finley’s film
includes a promotional poster and a cd/dvd package

Essays by Jeanne Finley, Lydia Matthews, and Lyazzat Khanim

From the film’s description:
On the vast Kazakhstan Steppes, nine 16-year-olds prepare to graduate from the Akkol orphanage. Rockets launched overhead from the nearby Cosmodrome inspire their dreams as they write about and perform their imagined future-selves. Guided by the nomadic spirit and natural beauty of the Steppes, the teens explore questions of time and truth in relation to the challenging reality of their lives. Traditional Kazakh culture, global popular iconography, and space travel are infused throughout their performances and imaginatively used as protective talismans on their journey into an uncertain adulthood.

66 pages
12 x 9 inches