Sanaz Mazinani: Signal to Noise

exhibition catalog for SF Camerawork
essays by Sara Knelman and Valerie Behiery

From the introduction by SF Camerawork director Heather Snider:
Sanaz Mazinani’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on photographic propagation and its impact on representation and perception. The photograph lies at the core of her work as an indefatigable source of intellectual, artistic fascination. From this departure point, her practice expands outward in concept, material, and dimension, intersecting traditional and formal boundaries of the photographic image with the historical roots of her Persian ancestry.
In this exhibition at SF Camerawork, Mazinani presented several interrelated series of work produced from 2011 through 2017, within a site-specific treatment of the gallery space that included kaleidoscopic swaths of color, shape, and sound. A visit to the exhibition was an experience for the senses, a physical encounter, rich, dense, and immersive.

68 pages
6.5 x 9.25 inches