Todd Hido: Intimate Distance

photographer’s monograph
Aperture / Todd Hido
designed with Todd Hido

Essay, Light and Dark Chambers, by David Campany with additional texts by Katya Tylevich

From Aperture:
Well-known for his photography of landscapes and suburban housing across the United States, and for his use of detail and luminous color, acclaimed American photographer Todd Hido casts a distinctly cinematic eye across all that he photographs, digging deep into his memory and imagination for inspiration. Intimate Distance: Twenty-five Years of Photographs, A Chronological Album is the first comprehensive monograph charting his career. Though Hido has published many smaller monographs of individual bodies of work, this gathers his most iconic images for the first time, along with many unpublished works. The book is organized chronologically, showing how his series overlap in exciting new ways, and bringing a fresh perspective to his oeuvre. David Campany introduces the work and looks at the kind of cinematic spectatorship the work demands. Also featured are short pieces by Katya Tylevich about the making of each of Hido’s major monographs. From exterior to interior, surface observations to subconscious investigations, from landscapes to nudes, this mid-career collection reveals insight into Hido’s practice and illustrates how his unique focus has developed and shifted over time.

272 pages
245 x 290 mm

The interior of the jacket folds out into a poster.

The interior of the jacket folds out into a poster.