Unframable: Life and Light Around the Antarctic Peninsula

 photographer’s monograph designed for
Ari Friedlaender

From the introduction by Dave Johnson:
To the untrained eye, to those without knowledge of prior unfettered commercial exploitation, the system may seem complete and pristine. However, those of us studying these icy waters and islands know differently, we can see past the illusion and understand that the idea of normal is never as complete as one thinks it might be. . . . The photos in this book provide testimony to the resilience of life in the Antarctic, and inspire us to understand it and protect it from further harm.

Regarding Antarctica, Ari Friedlaender writes:
In order to truly experience the wholeness of this wilderness, one needs to be immersed in it. To feel the crisp whip of a katabatic wind scream down a glacier and slap you in the face is to know cold. To perch still and silent atop a mountain of ice and feel your heart beat throughout your entire body is to know solitude. To fall into the unblinking eye of a killer whale or the round pit of a leopard seal’s serpentine stare or the curious gaze from behind the amber jewel of a penguin’s eye is to know that you are a stranger in a strange environment.

96 pages
13.5 x 11 inches